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We offer the following services for your consideration.

Preliminary Design Development:

  1. Preparation of an AutoCAD As-Built Plan of the space, if required.
  2. Development of Preliminary layouts based on:
    • Analysis of all functions and needs.
    • Any special requirements.
  3. Begin development of colors, materials and finishes.
  4. Prepare a Budget Pricing Drawing for budget purposes, if required.

  1. Preparation of Site & Key Plans as required for City of Calgary Building Permit Application.
  2. Preparation of Demolition/Construction Plan showing all partition/glazing types, door/frame types, hardware, plumbing fixtures/accessories locations and ~ specifications.
  3. Preparation of Power, Data, Telephone & Equipment Plan, showing all required locations complete with all necessary equipment locations and requirements.
  4. Preparation of Reflected Ceiling Plan showing all lighting locations and specifications.
  5. Finalize all colors, materials and finishes and prepare a complete Finish Plan showing all finish locations and specifications.
  6. Preparation of Elevations, Sections and Details as required of all custom millwork/cabinetry complete with finish specifications.
  7. Preparation of complete Specifications.
Project Management:
  1. Request pricing, using the prepared Budget Pricing Drawing to obtain a Budget Cost, if required.
  2. Co-ordinate with all DentaVMedical supplier and MechanicallElectrical/Structural Consultants as required for Drawings and Specifications.
  3. Co-ordination of Complete Working Drawing as required by the City of Calgary, for Building Permit Application.
  4. Tender call to a qualified and approved list of General Contractors using the Complete Working Drawings, for a Final Cost for Construction.
  5. Site inspections to ensure compliance with Working Drawings & Specifications.
  6. Preparation of a Final Inspection Report.


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